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Beat The Joker Slots

Beat The Joker Slots was my first Android project, initially published in February 2009.  This project is a slot machine with high-quality graphics, sounds, and animations.

“It works perfect. Great job. And graphics wise its very good. The g1 has alot of power and most game makers dont use it. Great job simple and works!!!”

Project Highlights

  • Multi-threading, before Android make it easy
  • Integration with Admob and Google Adsense ad-serving libraries
  • A “pull-able” slot arm.  The arm will follow your finger until you pull it all the way down to trigger a spin or release it
  • A realistic pay table, but tilted in favor of the player.  Each credit wagered has an expected return of about 1.01 credits
  • Smooth spinning animation.  Initial spin velocity and constant deceleration calculated with physics-based formula.


  • #4 in its category (peak)
  • 400,000 downloads and counting
  • 3.7 star rating out of 5

Adam Parkes did the graphic design work for this project.  We continue to collaborate on new projects.

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