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Zombie Jackpot Madness Android app screenshot

Zombie Jackpot Madness

Zombie Jackpot Madness is my second Android project, first published in October 2009.  This project is a slot machine with high-quality graphics, sounds, and animations.  I produced several sounds on my own using Audacity – a few of the winning “Brains!” sounds.

“My son loves this app. The sound effects are awesome!”
“The best droid slot out there.”

Project Highlights

  • Multi-threading, before Android make it easy
  • Integration with Admob and Google Adsense ad-serving libraries
  • A “pull-able” slot arm.  The arm will follow your finger until you pull it all the way down to trigger a spin or release it
  • A realistic pay table, but tilted in favor of the player – each credit wagered has an expected return of about 1.01 credits.
  • Smooth spinning animation.  Initial spin velocity and constant deceleration calculated with physics-based formula.


  • 130,000 downloads and counting
  • 3.5 star rating out of 5

Adam Parkes did the graphic design work for this project.  We continue to collaborate on new projects.

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